E-THREAD promotes sustainable fashion in Australia, offering eco-friendly garment solutions across the country. We helped develop the mobile app for E-THREAD using Flutter.


e-THREAD is an Australian organization that offers nationwide sustainable and eco-friendly garment solutions to help tackle the social and environmental implications of Australia’s throwaway culture of used and unwanted clothing.


TechRescued is an ecommerce website with a unique selling point of having monthly subscription protection plans for all mobile phones. Users can buy insurance packages for their phones and then get unlimited 100% claim acceptance without any approval.

LA County Nephrology Associates

LA County Nephrology Associates is one of the largest Nephrology groups in the United States, providing treatment for all chronic kidney diseases, disorders and transplants.

Christine Maier

Christine Maier is an award winning author, coach and a speaker, passionate about changing lives of individuals, guiding them to a life full of passion.

Global Nephrology Solutions

GNS offers a full suite of innovative administrative and managenment services to a large nephrology nework in US, sustainable practice solutions and relevant patient care.

Mihrab Publishers

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