Share Funds

SHARE International is an NGO group based out of Dearborn, Michigan, with a mission to partner with individuals, groups, and organizations and provide monetary help and social services to those who need it worldwide.

Draper Hero

Draper Hero Institute is a non-profit organization in California with a mission to develop and promote unique entrepreneurial career paths for all. They help identify areas of need, opportunities for success and provide new and creative options for change.

Interfaith Task Force

InterFaith Task Force in Southern California partners with various organizations to build relationships, share resources, leverage technology, identify needs and gaps in the community and create programs to service those needs.


O'Tahirah is a non-profit organization in Arizona, helping people revolutionize domestic violence prevention through awareness, support and empowerment.

Pakistani Women In Computing

PWC is a global community of Women in technology, with vision to connect, grow and collaborate for the promotion of Pakistani women in tech, increasing their global reach.

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