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Our team loves working on new and entrepreneurial ideas to solve real-world problems. Our vast experience in building both business and consumer apps has given us the right mix of creativity and excellence to deliver faster and better. 

Our team prefers working with a lightweight methodology, like Lean. This allows us to discover, develop, and deliver solutions that are usable, scalable, and quickly bring in data and revenue for our clients. The product development process has multiple steps that require expert attention to launch a successful product.

Our team of experts provides a one-stop solution for launching exceptional products! Let's innovate together.

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Our Focus Stays On The Following



We work closely with our clients to create concept notes and wireframes for the product. The next step is to create market and technical feasibility to ensure that we are building the right thing.



Here we plan the product by creating phases, milestones, and an estimated timeline. We also ensure to lock requirements for the 1st Phase. We work in sprints and promise to deliver new features every 2 weeks.



We create UI, write code and also, test thoroughly whatever we have built. This includes testing on dev, QA and Production environments.



We push the big red button and the product is live! Now we wait and monitor.



Here we improve as the feedback comes and/or prepare for the next product phases.

Client Reviews

The Genetech team developed a website for Nutri-West Corporate Office that has kept our company in the forefront of the supplement industry! is a Healthcare Professionals only, secured website. Our detailed requests and specific needs are met with the ultimate in professional services, giving Nutri-West a website our Healthcare Professionals can stream with confidence to find information, education, and place orders online with ease. Later, Genetech added a Patient Portal with login access for patients approved through their Healthcare Provider to order via the Nutri-West website. This has greatly increased what Nutri-West can offer in the world of online services! We are currently in the development phase of a new Mobile App that Genetech is building and customizing as well. Genetech is a personable team of businesswomen and men whose knowledge for website and App creation is unmatched. Genetech provides the fastest service for resolve, updates, changes, and any requests in regard to overseeing the functionality of our website. We have times of high demand to keep our website current and the Genetech team is amazing with their service and response times!! Nutri-West is fortunate to have such an amazing team developing and managing the Nutri-West Corporate site!


Diana Houdek-Lauer

General Manager, Nutri-West

Its hard to believe we've worked with Genetech for over 10 years. The team has been a joy to work with. The entire team cares about helping us and doing the best they can. I consider them part of our company. Thank you Neelam, Ali, Qasim and Shamim for all that you do.


Torey C. Lam

Founder, 340B Price Guide

I had a great time working with GENETECH. Their services are very professional and the team is incredibly responsive. They were very attentive to our requests and needs and produced amazing end product. I would highly recommend their service.


Marianne OReilly

Administration Manager, Asia Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza

We have been extremely pleased with the incredible work done by Genetech. They operate professionally, swiftly, and efficiently. They have set up our entire new website, which has been wonderful, and the collaboration has been seamless.


Jeta Salihu

Communication Manager, Danish Muslim Aid

Implemented website and server side tracking for Google Ads and Facebook Ads. A job well done!

Shawn Quait

CEO, 180Drinks

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We have been delivering excellent work to our clients for nearly two decades now. Look at some of our web, mobile, design, and animation projects here. Like what you see? Don’t hesitate to reach out.


Altitude OCR

Founder Dave Pickles and co-founder Rob Edmond of Altitude OCR and World’s Highest OCR, bring their combined expertise of organising and leading extreme sporting and adventure world record-breaking events together. Altitude OCR is one of the five official disciplines of OCR and adventure racing for world obstacles.


Taste of BLUE

Taste Of Blue, like its parent company 'The Blue Fish', is a personal concierge services platform, for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, for a taste of elite and luxury!

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