Purple Finch Group

The Purple Finch Group is a US-based company that helps tech CEOs in cyber, AI, IIoT, and MSP scale their businesses through operational excellence.. Our team was involved in designing and developing the website's home pages and speaker pages. The website is built using WordPress and a page builder plugin, Elementor.

Manuj Aggarwal

As an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Manuj provided insight and understanding to prestigious colleges and governmental agencies.

Tressa Yonekawa

Tressa Yonekawa Bundren, M.S., Ed., has failed and succeeded at important things in building businesses and strategic healthy culture. The thing she has done right for over 25 years is to create the maps for leadership and teams to get through blocks, connect, and grow together.

Michelelee Malo

Michele Lee Malo, is known as “The Change CEO” because of the unique ability to deliver an appetite for sanity to entrepreneurs and corporate go-getters needing to make a change in their lives and businesses.

Subtle Skills

Subtle Skills is a company that specializes in teaching skills that help anyone build rapport with customers, coworkers, and even friends/family. Brian Galke’s niche is in teaching Facial Feature Analysis, a proactive skill that helps you understand people in a whole new way!

Dan Fitzpatrick

DAN FITZPATRICK is an established stock and options trader with more than 25 years of experience in the market and is a frequent guest commentator on CNBC.


Martha Krejci is a brilliant life coach, business-growth strategist and social media marketer in Springfield, Illinois. Working from home, she made her first million in less than a year and openly teaches her ways to people through courses, workshops and other events.

Jeweliet Tangen

Jeweliet Tangen is a business coach and marketing expert in San Diego, specialized in mergers and acquisitions of companies. She has a quest to help, free, & rehabilitate kids that have been sex trafficked or sexually abused.

Christine Maier

Christine Maier is an award winning author, coach and a speaker, passionate about changing lives of individuals, guiding them to a life full of passion.

Steve Sims

Steve is the visionary founder of BlueFish, world's first luxury cocierge for the elite and VIPS. He is a man of substance; what you see IS what you get from him.

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