National TB Control Program

NTP is a Free TB management course designed for training healthcare workers to help them diagnose, treat, and prevent TB. The course is divided into 8 modules and is based on the National Guidelines on Management of tuberculosis 2019.


GHIC app is a tracking app for "Geriatric In Home Care" caregivers and care coordinators who manage to perform daily and monthly schedule tasks at patient premises. The complete monitoring of their daily time in /timeout along with the tasks performed is reported to admin on the backend. The backend is also supported by "Reports".

Center for Non Communicable Diseases

The Center for Non-Communicable Diseases is an independent research institute in Pakistan that aims to understand in detail the risk factors that leads to diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, heart failure, stroke and chronic kidney failures.


TREEMR provides you a cloud-based secure document repository that lets you upload your test results, health related documents, and more that are easily accessible through your smart phone.

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